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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional

Dragon® NaturallySpeaking 13 Professional

Faster, More Accurate, and Easier Than Ever

It's time to get things done.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 Professional is the ideal solution for busy professionals who need to work faster and smarter on the job. This enterprise-ready speech recognition software lets you accomplish more in less time by using your voice instead of typing. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Professional lets you dictate documents significantly faster than typing — with up to 99% accuracy — and control your PC and applications with simple voice commands. Whether you want to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, send lots of email, search the Web, or automate multi-step business processes, Dragon 13 Professional can help you get it done with unprecedented speed, ease and comfort.

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Dictate, edit and format memos, reports, meeting minutes, proposals, spreadsheets, presentations, and more — all by voice

Take voice notes on the go by dictating into a digital voice recorder or smartphone for later transcription when you connect to your PC

Automate organization-specific workflows

Schedule tasks and appointments or manage your calendar by voice

Dictate and send short or long emails to co-workers, customers, vendors, partners, and more

Features & Benefits

Enterprise-ready security features, configuration options, and administrative tools make it easy to manage large user networks

The ability to create, format, and edit documents up to three times faster than typing so you can think out loud, break through barriers to creativity, and power through document creation

Many microphone options, including those built into many of the latest laptops, giving you flexibility and freedom to work the way you want

Natural-sounding text-to-speech or audio playback of your own dictation for easy proofreading

Section 508 certified to meet government-mandated accessibility requirements for workers with disabilities

A personalized, voice-driven experience; Dragon gets even more accurate as it learns the words and phrases you use the most, spelling even difficult words and proper names correctly

Import/export/sharing of custom word lists and vocabulary supports higher recognition accuracy and standardization of unique terminology enterprise-wide

Dictation of text anywhere you would normally type - even within many industry specific business applications such as case management, incident reporting, and claims management systems - enables greater productivity and more efficient multi-tasking

Up to a 15% improvement to out-of-the-box accuracy compared to Dragon version 12.

Dragon 13 supports Full Text Control Command, including Gmail™, Yahoo! Mail®, and Outlook®

The Dragon Web extension now gives Full Text Control in Chrome™ and Firefox® as well as Internet Explorer, in compatible websites.

Accuracy in Dragon 13 is enhanced when using a Nuance certified wideband (16 kHz) Bluetooth headset

Dragon 13 now offers new flexibility for custom command types that support variable names: the ability to end the command's name with any word or phrase in Dragon's vocabulary, as opposed to a word or phrase from a defined list of command variables. This can allow users to have, commands that search for given words within their company's intranet (similar to the built-in search commands "search Wikipedia for...")

The Remote Desktop Connection feature lets you dictate from a computer in which Dragon is not installed and is now supported for Windows Server® 2012.

The new DragonBar provides clearly indicated controls and automatically collapses when you're not using it, taking up less real estate on your screen. You can use the DragonBar menu to customize its behavior. If you're an existing Dragon user and you're more comfortable using the classic DragonBar, you can easily switch back to it.

Immediate Gratification + Reduced Costs

If you're like most of us, once you decide to upgrade your speech recognition solution to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13, you want to start experiencing the benefits NOW.

Or, you may want to upgrade but want the best deal possible.

Well now you can have both!

Immediate Gratification + Reduced Costs
The Nuance Open License Program

The Nuance Open License Program (OLP) is a cost-effective way for your organization to experience all the benefits of Dragon 13 - immediately - at a fraction of the cost. Now you can license the software for use, rather than purchasing a "boxed" product.

In other words…

When you download the software and ditch the box it reduces all the costs associated with manufacturing, media, documentation, packaging, warehousing, and shipping. These savings are then passed on to you in the form of a discount off the regular price.

How it works
The OLP is a simple volume-purchasing program with a point-based, tiered discount structure. To qualify, you need to make a low initial purchase, which sets your discount level, and can be applied to future purchases.

Program Benefits
• Reduced costs when purchasing volume licenses
• Upgrade assurance
• Technical support
• No contracts or commitments
• Discount level valid for 24 months
• Easy to implement

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