On Body Cameras

VIEVU body worn video cameras are easy to wear and use. Holding a video camera does not always make sense. Use VIEVU to record hands-free video & audio of important or critical incidents from your point of view.
Is liability hindering your work? Are you compromising your services due to concerns for potential lawsuits or complaints? VIEVU on officer video cameras let you do your best work without fear of future repercussions.
VIEVU wearable video cameras significantly improve the efficiency of documentation and reduce time wasted on written reports. You'll gain increased accuracy and accountability in a wide variety of environments.


Law Enforcement Demo
Video demonstrating the following uses: Bicycle, Street Interview, Air Patrol, DUI-Field Sobriety Test, Fire Arms Training, SWAT, Motorcycle.
Field Sobriety Test
Camera worn by Officer during field sobriety tests.
Traffic Incident
Camera worn by Officer during a traffic incident.
Car Chase
Camera mounted with car kit during a car chase.